Share Your Experience, Strength, and Hope in OA

…and encourage others in their recovery from compulsive eating!

Share your experience, strength and hope in OAWe’re looking for your stories of recovery from compulsive eating. There is nothing more encouraging than reading about someone who recovered and guess what? That person is just like me!

Please use the form below to submit your story of any length for publication on the OA Region 3 website. We’ll protect your anonymity and won’t publish any personal contact information. We only request it in order to answer any questions we have about your submission.

If you’d prefer, you can submit your story in an email or as an attachment to an email to r3commsec@oaregion3. We prefer common file formats such as *.doc, *.docx and *.txt.

As in any matter pertaining to OA, keep in mind that your story should abide by the Steps and Traditions of OA. If we have any questions about this, we’ll contact you.

Finally, thank you so much, the service you do by submitting your story may be invaluable to the recovery of a fellow sufferer of our disease!

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We Want Your Story

Share your experience, strength and hope in OA and encourage other OAs in their recovery!