Region 3 Steering Committee

The Steering Committee shall act for and on behalf of Region III when the Assembly is not in session and shall have the authority to make decisions when required. This authority shall be solely limited to those decisions required before a Region III Assembly can be convened. In determining any decisions, the Steering Committee shall be guided by the Region III Policy Manual, the Region III Bylaws, the Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions, and the Twelve Concepts of OA.

All Steering Committee positions are two-year terms, with elections held at the Fall assembly.  The Region III Trustee is a member of the OA Board of Trustees.  The trustee is elected at the OA World Service Business conference.

To enter a Steering Committee Application online: Steering Committee Application 

Elected on even-numbered years.

  1. Shall chair all Region III Assemblies.

  2. Shall establish and maintain a file pertaining to Region III Chairperson matters, which shall be transferred to the next Chairperson.

  3. Shall call Steering Committee meetings, as needed, by conference call, if necessary.

  4. Shall obtain a written response from each Steering Committee member stating his/her position after consensus is reached by phone or electronic transmission.

  5. Shall have the discretion to appoint a parliamentarian to assist in the conduct of the Region III Assemblies.

  6. Shall have the authority to appoint committees to conduct the business of the Region between Region III Assemblies.

  7. Shall appoint an Interim Steering Committee Member to serve in any vacated Steering Committee position until the next Region III Assembly.

  8. Shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

  9. Shall establish and distribute an agenda before each Region III Assembly.

  10. Shall serve as a signatory on the Region III checking account and shall designate other Steering Committee signatories, as needed.

  11. Shall appoint Region III Committee Chairpersons and other service positions, as needed.

  12. Shall attend World Service Business Conference.

Vice Chair
Elected on odd-numbered years.

  1. Shall assume the duties of the Chairperson until the next Region III Assembly in case of absence or resignation of the Chairperson.

  2. Shall serve as the liaison between the Steering Committee and the Intergroup hosting an upcoming Region III Assembly.

  3. Shall serve as the Convention Coordinator and work with the host committee of any Region III event on matters of policy, finance and planning.

Recording Secretary
Elected on even-numbered years.

  1. Shall record minutes and maintain a file of all Region III Assembly and Steering Committee meetings.

  2. Shall furnish written copy of the minutes of all Region III Assembly meetings to all Steering Committee members, attending Region III Assembly Representatives, and Region III registered Intergroups.

  3. Shall report the addresses of all Region III Steering Committee Members and Representatives to WSO following each Assembly.

  4. Shall be responsible for the correspondence of Region III.

  5. Shall be responsible for updating and maintaining Region III Bylaws and Region III Policy Manual.

  6. Shall serve as the co-chair of the Bylaws Committee.

Elected on odd-numbered years.

  1. Shall receive, deposit, record and acknowledge on Assembly financial reports, all donations made to Region III.

  2. Shall establish a business checking account in the name of Region III of Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. with signatories being the Treasurer,the Chairperson and other Steering Committee member(s) as needed nd designated by the Chairperson.

  3. Shall disburse funds following written request and/or submission of bills for which reimbursement has been approved by the Region III Assembly or Steering Committee.

  4. Shall present a written and oral Treasurer’s report at each Region III Assembly.

  5. Shall make available Region III financial records and books to the Finance Committee at each assembly. Records are to be audited before the convention ends.

  6. Shall serve as co-chair of the Ways and Means/Finance Committee.

Communications Secretary
Elected on odd-numbered years.

  1. Shall manage and serve as editor of the Region III website.

  2.  Shall be the primary holder of all passwords and information necessary to access and update the Region III website.

  3. Shall maintain and publish on the website a calendar of upcoming events taking place within Region III.

  4. Shall serve as co-chair of the Communications Committee.

  5. Shall perform the duties of Webmaster and/or Postmaster. With approval of the Steering Committee, the Webmaster and/or Postmaster duties may be delegated to other OA members, in which case the Communications Secretary shall be responsible for oversight of said delegates.

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