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Time is Growing Close – Early Bird Registration Ends

Let it Be Me! OA Region III Convention & Assembly Tempe, AZ. August 8, 9 & 10. Click here for brochure. Early Bird registration closes July 9th...hurry and register for the discount.    

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Borrow our PI-PO Display

   Email the Las Vegas Intergroup Chair if you want to borrow the new big display for a trade show. Here's the email:

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Survey on Virtual Meetings

VIRTUAL MEETINGS SURVEY    Your input is needed to set goals for 2014, to build a team to strengthen virtual meetings, and to help carry the message. This is an anonymous survey. The more people who participate, the greater the value of the information gained.  Surveys must be completed by February 14, 2014 in order to be properly processed.  Take [...]

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Tucson C & A in a Nutshell

By Roni B, Region III Vice Chair Southeastern Arizona Intergroup of OA was fortunate to host the 2013 Convention and Assembly in Tucson, AZ. The convention took place on August 16th-18th, 2013. Over 100 people attended the grand opening Friday night and enjoyed a fun (and educational!) slide show about the Tucson area and Arizona in general. We Tucsonans were thrilled to share our 115 summer heat with people from Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah and other unsuspecting guests from more mild climates. As usual during Saturday two types of events went on simultaneously; 25 region representatives from the seven states that make our region carried on the Region III business. While the session was going on between eight a.m. and five p.m., the convention part of the weekend took place. From morning to evening two workshops met side by side, led by local and guest speakers. On Saturday evening nearly 170 OA members got together for the banquet, main speaker and a fun raffle. […]

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Your Steering Committee has gathered for the Fall 2013 Assembly and Convention in Tucson, awaiting the arrival of the Representatives for the Assembly and OA members arriving today and tomorrow. We're grateful to all the folks who have worked so hard to make this event happen. We're looking forward to lots and lots of recovery [...]

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Register for Tuscon Assembly/Convention Now!

The awesome Region III Fall 2013 Assembly and Convention, Desert Recovery, in Tucson, AZ is coming up soon! The cost for the Convention registration goes up after July 15th, so get registered as soon as possible. A Special Bulletin of the Desert Recovery Newsletter WHAT!! IS IT PAST JUNE 16TH ALREADY?? Why does it matter, [...]

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More Audio Files Now!

Make sure you look - and listen? - to the new audio tapes added to the audio files page. These are from the Fall 2009 Convention and Assembly in Albuquerque. They join those from the 2011 Region III cruise. Soon we'll have the speakers from the Fall 2012 Convention and Assembly in Las Vegas. If [...]

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WSBC, Final Report

Serenity prayer in Gaelic and English, VOR and For Today read. Proposal Item 2 – Sets requirements for regional trustees including current maintenance of healthy body weight and residence in region at least six months of year. Vote: passed. Proposal Item 1 – amends language on the twelve concepts adding, “OA groups have delegated other duties to their local service bodies and regions; thus, each level of our service structure acts on behalf of the members and groups at its level.” Makes the concepts applicable to the service body officers and committees on all levels. Question of privilege: turn off all electronic devices. Con: The concepts are supposed to be for World Service, not other groups. Pro: Six are directly related to World Service but the other six should be applied to all levels. We’re asked to read the concepts at IG meetings. Con: Amendment ruled out of order. Second amendment, make it say IG bylaws have to be “not in conflict” with WSO rather than “in compliance.” Con: it’s hard for people at IG level to see the difference. Pro: this makes the concepts something people can relate to in a more easy manner. Con: It is the illusion of not being forced to comply. Parliamentary inquiry: can the pros can cons speak to the original proposal, not just the amendment? No, speaking only to the amendment. Vote on the amendment: passed. Pro: Reading from the OA Bylaws: “These points shall define an OA group.” Con: These are things we read and apply at our core. Pro: We’re not tinkering with the concepts at all. Con: We’re making them rather long. Request for information: under cost, why would it change the cost? The pamphlet would have to be changed if this is passed. Request for information: How does the amendment to steps and traditions differ from concepts and why? Steps and Traditions are held to a higher standard than 2/3 at Conference. Steps and Traditions have to be sent to groups and ratified by ¾ of the total number of worldwide service bodies. Question of privilege, request for paper ballot. Motion seconded. Request for information. What was the historical intent of the creation of the concepts? Not available here. Request for information: Banners with concepts would no longer be valid and need to be replaced? Not many OA literature. Request for information: Distinguish in 7(b) guidelines and statement of purpose. Answer: there is nothing that requires OA service bodies to have guidelines. If all you have is a statement of purpose, which can be very minimal, you don’t have to change in these situations. Serenity prayer. Request for information: Is proposal merely to clarify something already passed last year? It would be consistent with that. Request for information: would we not be able to attend Conference if wrong concepts displayed? Who’s going to know? Vote on whether written ballot: too closer to call whether 2/3. Standing count. Did not pass. Vote: did not pass. […]

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WSBC Second Report

Officers Reports: Board Committee Reports Written reports were published and questions were entertained. The reports were the Chair’s, treasurer (shortfall in contributions and literature sales. Contributions were budgeted at $496,000 and were $489,832. Literature budgeted $1,150,000 and actual $1,002,665.), managing director (copyright of recordings, how to share in Australia – write for request got permission to share. Can you forward the e-lifeline issue? No. But yes to the weekly. Financial assistance for translation of literature. Translations in Spanish available from WSO.) Region trustees. (Region 3 has 450 affiliated groups, 58 unaffiliated, 25 intergroups. This is an increase of 29. We plan a Region 3 cruise in 2015.)  Virtual services trustee, recorded traditions workshops will be available on the OA website.  Contributions can more be made by ARC, automated recurring contributions. Board Approved Literature Committee. Board of Trustees bylaws committee.  Board Reference Manual Review committee. Conference Planning Committee. Convention 2013 Committee. Convention 2016 Site Selection Committee (Boston). Delegate Support Find Committee. Internal Information Committee. International Publications/Translations Committee. Literature  Review Committee.  Professional Trade Shows Committee. Public Awareness Committee. (There is a trade show download we need to look at. Talk to Vicki or maybe Wanda) Strategic Planning Committee. (Clarified direction, focus is our primary purpose. See my earlier notes I need to insert before this goes out.) Conference Committee Reports will be after noon break. After noon, serenity prayer in French then English, and a description of process for proposing amendments. Conference Committee Reports Conference Bylaws Committee Conference-Approved Literature Committee Finance Committee Professional Outreach Committee Public Information Committee Region Chairs Committee Twelfth-Step-Within Committee Unity with Diversity Committee Web/Technology Committee Youth in OA Committee (Has there been any thought of changing the name of the committee? The committee may suggest change to Young Persons Committee.) […]

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A Report from the World Service Business Conference

Reporting from Albuquerque It is Thursday, May 2nd, and I am a delegate to the World Service Business Conference reporting from the Thursday session. The meeting was called to order and those individuals from Spanish-speaking Intergroups in Spain and South and Central America led us in the serenity prayer in Spanish, then the Chair, Teresa, led us in English. The 12 steps, traditions, and concepts were read. The theme is Searching and Fearless: A Fellowship Inventory. We recognized the loss of Mary Rose, a trustee, who died in November, 12-stepping her nurses while in hospice care. The trustees and region chairs were introduced, including Vicki W Region 3 Trustee and Andrea M, Region 3 Chair. Staff of the World Service office was introduced. At the center microphone, Bonnie will assist the delegates in asking questions and in other ways participating in the parliamentary procedure. Our founder, Rozanne S, is unable to attend this year and sends her love. Gerri, Chair of the Convention and Region 8 Trustee introduced other helpers. The Conference Support Committee and volunteers make this work. The room temperature, the timekeepers, the door monitors, the volunteers, and others who make it work for the delegates and the Board were mentioned. We have representatives from all over the world.  Look at the map! […]

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